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Product Name:JYK-500
Product Detailed:
JYK-500 hydraulic strapping machine is suitable for book block pressing and strapping, widely used in the post-press processing. The machine has the features of stable operation, low noise, economic; it is interested by binding factories.


技术参数:             Technical parameter

   产品型号 Model:JYK-500液压压紧机

最大压力(T          Max. Pressure (t)   


最大行程(mm        Max. Trip (mm)                                                                       


最大压书厚度(mm    Max. Book Width (mm)                          


外形尺寸(mm     Overall Dimensions (mm)                                                                     

1030 x 11.6 x 1010

机器净重(KG        Machine Weight (KG)                                                        

about 500

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Add:Zhengmache Village, ChiXi Street, Lanxi City, ZheJiang  Tel:0579-88733229(中文) +86-755-22303458(English)    
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