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      Lanxi Jingda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of book sewing machines, currently the company has successfully developed a variety models of sewing machines, could meet different needs of different customers, Jingda sewing machines share a very important part in Chinese domestic market, the volume of production and sales is among the best. 

Add:Zhengmache Village, ChiXi Street, Lanxi City, ZheJiang
Tel:0579-88733229(中文) +86-755-22303458(English)
Fax:0579-88732219(中文) +86-755-22303458(English)
Email:lxjdjx@126.com(中文) lxjingda@126.com(English)
Add:Zhengmache Village, ChiXi Street, Lanxi City, ZheJiang  Tel:0579-88733229(中文) +86-755-22303458(English)    
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