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Product Name:SX-460E
Product Detailed:

SX-460E (Program-Control Model) is programmable semi-automatic sewing machine is used to sew the books which are gathered in gathering machine. Outstanding features includes: stable performance, wide sewing range, broken thread and broken needle detector, no-thread hooking, wrong signature detector, low noise, convenient operation, frequency speed control, safety design and etc. PLC program-control system is adopted in this machine. During operation, thread broken, needle broken, no-thread hooking, excessive signature or lack signature can be detected and reported. As unstable feeding caused of different signature thickness is improved, so stability and working range (thin needles, dense needle sets) are greatly enhanced. It is widely used for paper-cover books or hard-cover books. 

主要参数: Technical parameter

产品型号  Model : SX-460E锁线机(可编程)

装订最大幅面: Max. Sewing Size (mm)


装订最小幅面:   Min. Sewing Size (mm)


装订速度: Sewing Speed (c /min)


最多针组 : Number of Sewing Sets (Max.)


针距:    Needle Interval (mm)


电机功率(KW)  Power Required (KW)


外形尺寸 : Overall Dimensions (mm)


机器净重 Weight of Machine (KG)     

about 1100KG

Contents of this catalogue could be change without written notice

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